The Maze of Mykonos Town Sightseeing Tour



Mykonos town is characteristically known for its complex narrow streets. Let our tour guide help you discover all its hidden wonders whilst enlightening you with its rich history.

At first, walking through the cobble streets of Mykonos you may be lost. Small, mazy and snow white streets which can lead you each time to a place different from the others with its own special characteristics. Each "neighbourhood" has a surprise for every visitor. It doesn't matter if everyone thinks that the beauty of the so familiar landscapes of Mykonos is printed on a cart postal. The reality will surprise you and will fill your senses, as every "trade mark" of the island for which thousands of visitors arrive every summer, will reveal its unbelievable beauty in real dimensions.

The picturesque windmills are well positioned in the east end of Chora and are imposingly raised over a small hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. Today, Kato Myloi, as the location is called, may be the most famous sightseeing of Mykonos but in the beginning of the 20th century people were using them for their jobs. With the north wind as their ally, the windmills were grinding the grains without stop and supplied the ships, which were travelling in the Aegean, with rusks.

Once you leave Kato Myloi, walk by the coast you will get to Alefkantra and you will be able to see the unique beauty of Mikri Venetia (Little Venice) exactly in the opposite side. The small square white houses which seem to pop up from the sea with their colored wooden balconies that nearly "lick" the wave offer a breathtaking view. There you can definitely enjoy one of the most magnificent sunsets of Greece.

As you continue your tour by the coast you will arrive in the district of Castro where Panagia Paraportiani, the jewel of Mykonos but also the jewel of all the islands of the Aegean is. The church is built on the ruins of the medieval castle of Mykonos and is located in a privileged place of Chora overlooking the rocky coast and to the absolute blue of the sea. Not far from the church you will find the Folklore Museum of Mykonos and a bit further the region of Gialos.

Gialos is the picturesque small port of Chora where the fishermen moor the boats. It is also the departure point of the boats that organize daily tours to Delos.

Even if you decide to leave the sea behind you and go deeper in Chora, the tour will definitely reward you. You may not be able to see the blue colour of the sea anymore, but the white of the houses takes the lead and gives the sense of harmony in the traditional Cycladic architecture. The whitewashed yards with the blue windows, the hundreds small churches with the red domes and the paved streets are full of life.

In Tria Pigadia you will find the Aegean Maritime Museum and the Lena's House which is part of the Folklore Museum. The region was named like this because Tria Pigadia (three wells), which were there until 1957, were the only source of water in Chora.

In Matogianni, perhaps the noisiest district of Mykonos, you can walk, look the shop windows and go shopping as the market is as good as the one in Athens...maybe even better!



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