Acquiring a home in a new place can be a challenge. The Mykonos Getaway Team have specialists that deal with home renovations, repairs, gardening or landscaping and pool maintenance.

In these cases, you shall need a trusted consultant who is able to communicate in your language, dependable to carry out instructions and to act on your behalf with local authorities.

Our specialists have all the connections you need.

When absent, trust the Mykonos Getaway team to arrange storage or shipping of goods, house-sitting, heightened security monitoring, follow up of mail, verify that third parties carry out their duties and, in general keep an eye on your house.

Additionally, you may require the house to be prepared such as the fridge to be stocked, all appliances checked, beds made with fresh linen or pool maintenance before your arrival.

The Mykonos Getaway Team can provide you with all of the above and more...

  • Home Preparation for the owner arrival
  • Help around the house during the stay
  • Landscape Maintenance while owner is our of country
  • Property Cleaning Services
  • Monitoring of the house while owner is out
  • Monthly bills
  • Installation of Internet, TV, Telephone
  • Staff Searching (House Maid, Security, Driver)
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