Celebrating your wedding, anniversary, birthday or bachelor party in Mykonos?

Within the Mykonos Getaway Team we specialize in event management. We undertake the organization and planning of your event from the very first enquiry to the last moment.

Finding the ideal caterer, DJ, lights & sound, florist, security and valet parking sounds exhausting! To create the perfect event, there are so many details to cover, so many people to supervise, so many guests to take care of....

Our diverse network has the experience, ideas, the know-how and skilled professionals to guarantee the unique and triumphant outcome of any special event. Let the Mykonos Getaway Team take care of all the matters. While you are enjoying your time on the island, trust that our team of professionals is busy organizing the smallest details to create your bespoke event.

Having The Mykonos Getaway Team and the energy of Mykonos Island on your side make everything possible. All we ask from you is to free yourself from all the stress associated with your event and enjoy every moment of your getaway.

We invite you to experience the unpredictable. Trust us and prepare yourself for one of the best experiences of your life!

Please contact us to converse directly with our specialist event management team to make your wishes come true.

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